The mission of Fairbairn College, a child focused, school-community partnership, is to prepare learners to be responsible members of an ever changing society by inspiring educational excellence in a secure, caring environment.


Fairbairn College has a proud record of academic achievement, sporting prowess, cultural excellence and grounding in traditional values.

As a traditional school, we place paramount emphasis on academic success. This is reflected in the importance placed on the classroom environment, streaming, home work, examinations and staff development.

A good balance of young and experienced staff ensures that all aspects of the school’s life remain energetic and vital, yet stable and consistent. These qualities impact also on the very strong sporting and cultural dimensions in which staff and learners are heavily involved, and with a high level of success.

We convey traditional values and attitudes through strict discipline, formal assemblies and high expectations. Staff expect no less from our learners in terms of punctuality, courtesy, attendance, dress and grooming, and work standards than an employer would.

Above all Fairbairn is a school that is enjoyed by learners, staff and the greater school community.


Welcome to Fairbairn College Website.

Fairbairn College was founded in 1977.  This relatively young public school has a rich tradition with an environment that represents excellence in academics, strict discipline and an extensive extramural

The College is a child focused school which serves the immediate community catering for
learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12.  At the College we strive to ensure that learners develop to their
fullest potential.The goal of this educational institution is to prepare our learners to be responsible members
of an ever changing society.


Bernard Marchand

BComm, HDE,  BEd



We recently held a Water Wise Sports Day, teaching students the importance of saving water as well as leadership and teamwork skills in a fun and unique sporting environment.


Celebrating this year’s top achievers

40th Birthday

Fairbairn College recently turned 40 and held
a special event to celebrate the auspicious occasion.

Mr & Miss Fairbairn

Mr & Miss Fairbairn is one of the biggest nights of the
year at Fairbairn College. A big congratulations to the
two winners

Mastermind wins Gold

Taariq Mowzer, in grade 10 at Fairbairn College in Cape Town, won the gold medal in the 34th South African Computer Programming Olympiad.



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