The school where the emphasis is on academics and discipline

The academic aims of educators and learners of Fairbairn College should aspire to produce well-trained learners capable of self-sustainability.

Upon leaving the College they should embody sound values and tolerance towards all people. They need to be enriched by the learning process, opening opportunities for the realisation of their full potential and ultimately self-actualisation.

The ethos of Fairbairn College does encourage such education. This could be adapted to include the social issues of understanding and respecting one’s fellow man and oneself as an individual capable of development towards a self-fulfilled existence.

The academic success at Fairbairn College should not merely be judged by the percentage of distinctions but by the values and quality of life we instill and nurture in the learners for their entire life.

The recognition of the school by the WCED as one of the top academic achievers in the province must be emphasised. The extent to which pastoral care has balanced the tough approach to discipline as well as the infusion into the school community a school spirit of note is a fine example of a headmaster and staff with an ear to the ground and a willingness to exercise flexibility and an open-mindedness. The runaway success of the Big Walk fund raisers, the buy-in of teachers and pupils, the educational value of representing a cause bigger than the individual, is a story that can be told of a school at the cutting edge of excellence and approaching world class. There cannot be another government school in South Africa that has raised close to R6 000 000 by the sheer effort and determination of teachers and pupils since 2003.

Prestigious, efficiently run annual ceremonies and celebrations are seamlessly blended with the school programme (Founders Day, Jubilee Celebrations and Prize Givings). This is where our learners’ achievements are celebrated. These are slick events which are efficiently conducted and of which logistics have been planned with consummate skill and care. Attention to detail is the name of the game with respect to these functions.

Fairbairn College remains A TOP ACADEMIC PERFORMER:

  • Learners perform well in subject Olympiads
  • The Matric class of 2003 produced six medical doctors
  • In nine years five Grade 12s have been placed on the Provincial Merit List
  • From 2000 to 2002 the Ministerial Award for Academic Excellence was awarded to the school
  • 2001 to 2005 Consistent academic excellence was recognised with Ministerial Award
  • In 2005 the school was rated amongst the top ten in the province
  • For most of the past fifteen years, the school attained a 100% rate and now regularly scores above 80% Bachelor Passes


Biology lab
2 Science labs
HEcon room
Tech room
2 computer labs – 40 computers and data projector in each plus internet access
2 seminar rooms with ultra modern audio visual equipment
We have 18 classrooms with interactive white board technology – every maths classroom has interactive technology, a computer in every classroom, networked and internet access. In fact we have 160 computers in the school.
5 new classrooms have been added


Grade: 8 & 9 Subjects
Afrikaans 1st Additional Language
Arts & Culture
Economic & Management Sciences
English Home Language
Human & Social Sciences
Life Orientation
Natural Sciences
Grade: 10, 11 & 12 Subjects
Afrikaans 1st Additional Language
Business Studies
Computer Applications Technology
Consumer Studies
English Home Language
Life Orientation
Life Sciences
Mathematical Literacy
Physical Science


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Fax: 021 591 0107
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Facebook: @fairbairncollege