Fairbairn College’s Cultural Department has a simple aim: to create a platform for self-expression.

Learners who form part of any society or sphere within this department are continuously challenged to grow through weekly training, as well as in preparation for performances.

Learners gain excellent communication skills (including verbal, physical and written communication); an understanding of human behaviour within various contexts, cultural and societal perspectives. Performances and competitions develop confidence and public speaking skills; creative thinking and problem-solving techniques; initiative and improvisation; and professionalism, dedication, time-management and the importance of meeting deadlines. These abilities are all integral, and sought after, in their future careers, which justifies our continuous intake of new learners within the various societies. Learners are trained, guided and exposed to different situations, but ultimately the production of any performance relies on their ingenuity and dedication.

At Fairbairn College, we believe in the holistic development of the learner and therefore strive to provide an environment and platform which allows the individual to forge their talents, personality, perspective and passion.


Fairbairn College’s Drama Society offers a safe, fun, yet conscientious environment for learners to discover and shape their performance skills and grow as an individual.

Annually, the Inter-house One-Act Play competition offers the Drama Society members the opportunity to perform their own plays, written and directed by their team to the school and community.

The Drama Society has brought to life numerous onstage performances, including 9 Lives, Grease, Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, Oklahoma and many more.

Not only do we take great care in producing excellent work, we also ensure that our membership enjoy their time with the Drama Society weekly workshops/training, socials and theatre trips that offer the chance to broaden theatrical awareness. 

Be it a small curiosity, or a life-long ambition, the Fairbairn College Drama Society will welcome you into an encouraging environment where your potentials will be realised.



Music has transformative powers. Regardless of age, singing a song can improve your mood. The Fairbairn College Choir is an organisation which offers a balance between professional vocal and choral training, whilst remaining focused on the personal development of each of its members.

Participating in the choir offers numerous opportunities for development of the individual, such as cultivating camaraderie, a feeling of well-being, increased brain function, trust in leadership, respect (of self, others and leaders), eye contact, focus, vocal skills, as well as expression through face and body (enhancing communicative skills) and multitasking.

All of the above are extremely important during adolescent development, and the Fairbairn College Choir also offers learners the opportunity to make lifelong friends, through initiatives like the annual choir camp, as well as encouraging professional development by participating in competitions, such as the International Eisteddfod and High School Jam (performed on stage at the Grand West Arena), as well as various school productions.

Music is truly food for the soul and the Fairbairn College choir not only offers prestige but is also a society which is therapeutic in nature. Therefore, we recognise the importance of it in the lives of all our learners and thus welcome singers of all levels – because without music life would quite simply put, be a mistake.


Fairbairn College Music Department has grown in recent years. We offer Music as a subject from Grades 8 to 12. We have a wide variety of instruments and we provide specialised teachers for the various instruments such as; Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Brass instruments, Drums, Guitar, Vocals and Piano.

Even if you have never learnt an instrument, we offer you the opportunity to start a new instrument from Grade 8.

We also have a busy extra-mural programme which includes an Orchestra & Jazz Band. These groups participate in eisteddfods, competitions and concerts. They also provide music for our school ceremonies.

Victor Hugo once said: “music expresses which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”


Mr & Ms FBC provide matric learners with the opportunity to become ambassadors for the school. The purpose of this event is to build confidence, build friendships, for the participants to learn more about themselves and team building. The aim of this event is not to identify necessarily the ‘most beautiful’ people, but to have all-rounders taking part, growing as a person and having fun. Matriculates are trained in stage presence and public speaking during this time period. During the competition they take part in 3 sections – informal, creative and formal. Where their personalities need to shine through. Another component of this competition is teaching them how important our community is and they also have to do community service and document the process.


The dance society was established in 2013.The society was formed to encourage learners to partake in different school events from cultural evenings to performances in assembly to just enjoying a 45 minute session. The learnersdo not compete in the society but they do enjoy making new friends and sharing the love for dance with one another. The life of a dancer is that of dedication and motivation. The learners at FBC come up with amazingly creative and inspiring routines even though they have no professional training. Someone once said: “It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer.”


The High School Jam annually ROCKS the GrandWest Grand Arena in August.

10 High Schools. Over 1000 teenage performers. Over 10 000 Friends,

Families and FANS! All gather for the Cape’s favourite High School Music event, each year promising to be even bigger and better than the previous.

Fairbairn College has been included in the finals of this competition for several years as it is an incredible opportunity for learners from the various cultural societies/organisations within the College to come together and produce the most mind-blowing musical extravaganza we can conceive!

The ultimate objective is to unite teenagers, schools and communities through music, entertainment and performance on a world class stage such as the Grand Arena. Simultaneously the teenagers develop self-esteem and self-belief through the support and mentorship of producers, choreographers, facilitators and industry specialists.

MARS MUSIC & YAMAHA MUSIC awards outstanding Individual Prizes for the winning school, as well as the most Outstanding Vocalist, Brass/Stringed/Piano Instrumentalist, Individual Instrumentalist, Guitar/ Bass player and Drum/Percussion Player.

The competition inspires teenagers to believe in themselves and reach their potential and Fairbairn College facilitates this by providing the environment and training within the College’s Cultural Department to produce a show which we are proud to present on a stage which hosts many international performers.


This prestigious current affairs quiz sees Fairbairn College entering at least three teams annually, since 2014. In the last four years, we have continually made it to the final rounds – we endeavour to keep this tradition in years to come.

Participation in this competition is grueling and requires immense dedication, but learners acquire much-needed skills, which not only aid them in their current scholastic development but stand them in good stead at tertiary institutions and future careers.

The annual quiz runs through the second and third school terms and encourages high school students to test their knowledge of the news and current affairs. It has become one of the most keenly contested high school competitions, with more than 140 teams entering each year – all competing for the title, as well as their share of the R200 000 cash prizes allocated to winning teams and their schools.

It is however, not only an opportunity to ‘win big’, but more importantly this specific competition unveils our future leaders. Learners broaden their general, political, world and cultural knowledge base while developing a love of reading and learning; memorisation; learning to absorb and recall facts in minimal time; as well as developing social skills, confidence, teamwork, punctuality and sportsmanship.


The Fairbairn College yearbook is an annual endeavour which sees a newly appointed editorial team, consisting of Grade 12 learners, creating memorable, valuable content for their peers and the College community.

The editorial team uses and develops various skills throughout the collation of this publication, which will stand them in good stead as they advance to their tertiary studies and/or future careers. These skills/traits include exceptional organization and scheduling, ingenuity, marketing, communication, comprehensive and skilful writing and editing, photography, and compilation skills.

Though the individual learner’s skills are honed through serving on the yearbook committee, it is also an opportunity to interact and gain insight into the diversity of the College student body, hone interpersonal skills and it creates a platform for encouraging lifelong collective learning, sharing and friendships.

The annual yearbook is published in the last quarter of each year.


The library and book room monitors are exceptional learners who develop the skills which ensure that Fairbairn College’s archival, opuscule and stationery systems operate effectively, whilst providing an environment conducive to cultivating a love of reading and learning, as well as a culture of sharing and communication.

The library is made available to learners during breaks and after school, offering a quiet environment for any learner to exchange books, read, complete homework, tutor or study.


The Interact Society was named as such because its mission is this: to interact with the larger school community. We recognise the importance of interacting and socialising with our peers at other schools as well as those in our direct community, but always acknowledge that people are people because of other people – caring for ourselves means caring about and for those in the larger community. Interact strives to help whomever may need it – from holding drives for soup and blankets, to repainting and decorating offices of charitable organisations, to spending time with those who simply want someone to talk to or helping cats and dogs who still need a home. Interact is a society with learners who understand that helping yourself starts by helping others.


The National Eisteddfod has combined the magic of the arts and the basic human desire for esteem and recognition to develop competition into a powerful tool that supports the personal growth of participants, allowing their individual talents to flourish.

Fairbairn College, therefore, proudly enters many of our learners into the various categories offered by the Eisteddfod each year.

These categories include:

  1. Writing and Public Speaking
  2. Poetry and Prose
  3. Contemporary and Classical Dancing
  4. Dramatic Arts
  5. Individual Music & Vocal Performance
  6. Collective Performance: Choir, Jazz Band and Orchestra

Our learners have performed exceptionally well in the Eisteddfod and have gained immense respect for the value of the Arts through this experience. We will continue to support this organisation through our enrollment in years to come.


Photography and Videography club at FBC, where learners get the opportunity to live out their creative side of life.

This club offers the learners an opportunity to get hands on experience in the field of photography, what does a good photo comprise of and the chance of taking part in filming competitions allowing them to put forward their creativity and bring more insight into our everyday life-like situations, exposing real life events that occur across our globe and in our communities.

What gear and skills is required to take part?

• You don’t have to own the latest DLSR model to be a member of this group. If you have a relatively good sensor on your cell phone it should do the trick and a basic point and shoot model. You are welcome to bring your DLSR along.

• You will need access to a computer to load your photos on for i.e. editing purposes, sorting out. You will also need to have a flash-disk in order to load the photos onto the disk.


In 2013 the Consumer Studies department introduced the Culinary Society at Fairbairn College. Our aim is to assist with Staff welfare, functions and to broaden our culinary skills. The culinary society consists of 8 learners who are very eager to learn and always willing to help. Functions that they assist with include the annual Athletics day, Gr 7 into Gr 8 evening, End of term functions and Prize giving.  The learners consider it a privilege to be part of the Culinary society and commit themselves to three years to receive a scroll in Gr 12. We want to thank these learners for their behind the scenes hard work to have successful functions at Fairbairn College.


Debating places questioning, reasoning, critical thinking and logic at the heart of it all. Gaining knowledge is simply the base of great thinking, but without using knowledge to challenge and rise to the occasion when challenged, an academic education can easily falter. Argumentative reasoning is essential at secondary and tertiary education levels, but more importantly it is a skill which empowers learners in the world beyond the walls of formal education. At Fairbairn College the need for critical, swift, logical thinking, as well as confidence and public speaking skills has long been recognised. Therefore, we continue to encourage our learners to participate as a member of the Debating Society.


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